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Shelburne County youth golfer invited to major tournament


Teran Newell loved playing sports of all kinds, so when he was asked at age 11 to play a round of golf with his friends, he decided to give it a try.

“I didn’t like it,” says Newell, now 17 years old.

He preferred fast-paced sports like hockey or soccer. But with a highly competitive spirit prone to athletes, Newell continued to play golf anyway.

He played with friends and with his grandfather Francis MacDonald at River Hills Golf and Country Club in Clyde River.

It only took him a few years to not only catch up in skill to MacDonald, but to surpass him.

At 12, Newell had begun playing tournaments. The competition helped him to kick up his game even more.

“I got more and more attached to the game as I went along,” he says.

Now golf is the only sport he plays.

“I’m out there every single day…even when it rains,” he says.

Newell golfs at a two handicap and his tournament outcomes, as well as finishing first in the Order of Merit for Atlantic Canada, have not gone unnoticed

Newell has been invited to the National Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour in Florida from Nov. 10 to 12 to compete amongst the best in his division.

This will be the first time for Newell travels outside Atlantic Canada for a tournament.

 “This is the toughest field I’ve ever played for sure,” he says.

Coming out of the River Hills course is an advantage he said.

“They say a lot of the best golfers come out of this course just because of the challenge,” Newell says. The course forces golfers to play with tight control in sometimes windy conditions.

Despite the higher level of competition, Newell is feeling good about the upcoming tournament.

“I’m not nervous,” he says.  “I’ve played so many competitions the pressure will make me play better.”


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