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Moose sighting causes excitement in Clyde River

By Carla Allen THE COAST GUARD Debbie Ryer shot a moose recently from the #4 green at River Hills Golf Course, but she won’t be receiving a $500,000 fine for downing the animal, which is protected under the Endangered Species Act. Ryer shot the moose with her Finepix Fuji F700 digital camera. “My husband Ernest works at the River Hills Golf Course in Clyde River mowing the greens, and it just so happened he was going towards the #4 green to mow when he and another person golfing spotted the moose,” said Ryer. The Ryer’s live next to the course and Ernest urged his wife to bring her camera. “The golfers had cell phones trying to get pictures but they didn't turn out very good,” said Debbie Ryer. The moose swam the river and went on his way. Ronald Hamilton, a forestry technician at the Natural Resources Churchover depot says their office had received reports of the bull moose near the golf course. Several “There are still a few in the area, any place where there’s a swampy area,” said Hamilton. “This time of the year the young bulls are starting to mate, so they’re starting to roam, the same as the deer,” he said. Hamilton says three moose were spotted near Canada Hill – a bull, cow moose and a calf. “It’s good to see them come back. They’re pretty to see in the woods,” he said.

A moose visited the River Hills Golf Course last week. Debbie Ryer photo

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