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Letter to the Editor: New shark rule will kill Lockeport Sea Derby


A shark is weighed in at the Lockeport Sea Derby.

Contributed photo

Since early 90’s we have fought Fisheries and Oceans who have tried to shut down the Sea Derby in Lockeport.

Someone in Fisheries does not like the idea. I think his name is Banana, or sounds like Banana. Several attempts and roadblocks were evident.

Having served on the sea derby committee for 10 years and entered 21 of 23 derbies, I feel I can discuss this matter.

Sharks are fished by most sectors of the fishery – freezer trawlers, swordfish longliners --foreign fleets fish all species-- nothing goes free. Charter fishing tours, large and small fish markets sell shark steaks. All sectors have “bycatches” which include shark.

Fish derbies are for one weekend, so why pick on them?

Size limits were brought in first, six feet, then eight feet.; round weights, dressed weights. Mackerel fishing is also a part of the derby. This year a size limit of 10 ½ inches (approx.) was introduced.

Watch out kids! They will measure your mackerel.

Logs now have to be made out for each shark caught.

During my employment as dockside monitor, I observed all size of boats having fished sharks as by-catch.

Then, the news --The derby committee (2014) decided to limit competitors to two sharks per boat, no matter how many licensed fishers are aboard.

It was explained to me that it was for conservation reasons.

So when a boat has two legal sharks on board, fishing is over, right?

Not so, you can still fish shark, just tag and release them. But the stress of hook and release kills most sharks as it is just about impossible for easy release.

“Conservation” -- Hogwash! Bull feathers!

It’s perception. Catch all you want, just don’t bring in to weigh out for all to see.

The next concession is down to zero, zilch from two sharks. Derby over.

I would like to thank all those who voted for this (two shark rule) for selling us out and killing the Derby. The fanatics, bleeding hearts and left wingers.

Most of all, Fisheries have won again.

Wayne Williams


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