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Letter: There is reason to be concerned about rural roads --MLA


I want to thank  Mr. Walt MacDonald for his letter regarding the condition of the Lockes Island Road and the Ferry West Road.

 Nova Scotians have reason to be worried about the state of our rural roads. With the Liberal government’s $15 million cut to the paving budget and its decision to revert paved roads back to gravel, there is cause for concern.

 As a result of Mr. MacDonald’s letter, in the legislature I read a resolution and asked the Transportation Minister to evaluate the state of our local roads and let the community know when required repairs would be completed as part of a multi-year rural road plan.

 Unfortunately, the Liberal government voted against my resolution. That being said, I am going to continue to push the Liberal government to implement a multi-year rural road plan and give greater attention to the Ferry West Road, the Lockes Island Road and others like it in Queens-Shelburne.

 From 2009-2013 Nova Scotia introduced the four largest paving budgets in Nova Scotia’s history. A lot was accomplished but there is still much more work that needs to be done. I’m going to do everything possible to ensure the Liberals don’t return to their policies of the 1990s, when they made the decision to stop paving rural roads.

 Sterling Belliveau

MLA, Queens –Shelburne


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