Marjorie Taylor Green fails to dismiss Mike Johnson amid cheers

Even in a political party led by Trump, a political party uniquely ridiculous and ineffective, Greene’s vacuous views always had an end point.


Looks like Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green has finally made a fool of herself.

That is no small task. Or it may be a task too small to be seen by the naked eye. Regardless, Green’s failed and ultimately failed bid to oust Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson for governing felony failed miserably on Wednesday. A chorus of boos The congresswoman was demoted, marking the end of her ridiculous moment in American politics.

Green read her resolution He opened Johnson by saying, “Now, be it resolved that the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives is hereby declared vacant.”

An unlikely coalition of Republicans and Democrats voted 359-43 to reject Green’s nonsense, saying: “Enough of this, nonsense.”

Greene’s anger began when Johnson dared to pass the law

The chaos began after Johnson aligned his unruly GOP coalition with Democrats to send a foreign aid package to Ukraine and other U.S. allies.

Apparently, “getting things done” was a bridge for Greene, so he’s been threatening Johnson’s free speech for the past few weeks. Speaking on right-wing podcasts About how Republicans bash Democrats and blah, blah, blah.

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But the Georgia Legislature He found some Republican friends Who would follow her down this path clearly surprised her.

Only in today’s GOP can a person as ridiculous as Green gain power

Greene’s approach to politics – loud, wrong and, if that didn’t work, loud and wrong – somehow managed to make him a Republican influence. It is, in a fictional sense, dumb luck.

Donald Trump’s rampant dishonesty and penchant for being the meanest person in the room have made Republicans fond of bad, bad behavior, and few have demonstrated that better than Greene. She is ridiculous in every way, A caricature of a person No one should be allowed near any lever of power.

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And yet, she is in the hall of power, she is In Congress Committees And Trump seems to like her (Because she’s lying for him) and … well … things don’t seem to make much sense these days.

But there’s always been a problem with someone like her, someone who Trump is very good at completely ignoring facts or knowledge.

Green tried to outdo Donald Trump and it didn’t go well

That problem is, in today’s GOP, only one person can get away with lying and bullying and punishing people for no good reason, and that one person is Trump.

He – the Great King – Green didn’t want to try to get Johnson out. As much as Trump likes Greene’s obnoxious and inflexible morals, the movement to get him out is a non-starter. It’s so close to the election, and an internal revolt could leave House Republicans in disarray.

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Trump’s saying goes, and so Greene finds himself in virtual solitude on a whimsical quest to do a no-nonsense, stupid thing.

Apparently unable to make a spectacle, he ignored Trump and moved on, and on Wednesday finally — after years of acrimony — he was seen as a powerless, incomparable showboater.

Greene’s brilliantly sinister moment may have peaked

Even in a political party led by Trump, a political party uniquely ridiculous and ineffective, Greene’s extreme displays of emptiness always had an end point.

In 2021, she’s hand-wringing her way into the Republican Party, which has an appetite for stupidity. But like a dull-witted Icarus, she now flies very close to dumb.

Green would not go, but his influence in the party he so eagerly sought to undermine.

He has seen the limits of Trump’s support, and his colleagues now have the necessary clearance system to avoid the radical monster they have created.

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