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Letter: Southwest Nova litterbugs still believe the world is flat


Why is it that the roads in Southwest Nova are covered in litter?  Driving on a daily basis, I inevitably get behind a vehicle that lets fly with a Tim’s cup, McDonald’s wrapper, plastic water bottle, pop can, plastic bag, or an assortment of all of the above. 

Surely, in the year 2015, everyone should understand how wrong this is on so many levels.  But then, how could you ever hope to have a meaningful conversation with someone who litters?

One day last week I was pondering this when suddenly I had an epiphany.  The Dark Ages in mankind’s history were just that in terms of human development.  Most of the western world was ravaged by plagues, people had little regard for one another, and the prevailing belief was that the world was flat.  Most residents of towns and cities regularly threw the contents of their chamber pots and other debris out their windows and into the street.  Passersby had to be careful and watch not only where they walked but also for what might be coming at them.

And that explained it completely! These poor modern-day SOULs (Sources of Unwanted Litter) still believe the world is flat and that they are at its centre.  They are unenlightened and believe their garbage has no effect on anyone else.  Maybe they think it simply disappears once it leaves their vehicles, never to be seen again, like many feared would be the fate of anyone who ventured too near the edge of that old flat world.

So the next time you see a SOUL in action, let them know you are aware of their condition.  Blow your horn or give a sympathetic wave.  And when you pass by the home of a poor SOUL, be extra careful.  You never know what might come at you from their windows!

Dan Fry

Clyde River

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