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Letter: Shelburne needs to be ready for ferry


As a recently arrived new resident to Shelburne, I am not familiar with how far the town planners have organized their plans to attract visitors to the town if the STM Quest Inc/Nova Star Cruise operation proceeds, as we all hope, to re-instate a regular ferry from Portland Maine

I was interested in the Chronicle Herald article "Municipalities ponder ferry possibilities"(Weekend Dec. 14)  indicating that the Municipalities throughout the Annapolis Valley and along the Acadian and Fundy shores are preparing to put good   financial resources into attracting the potential  visitors to their shores -- "instead of taking the more common route along the South Shore"

Having lived in the UK for many years I can advise that the Annapolis Valley, Bay of Fundy are known to tourist agencies there--- as are the Cabot Trail/ Peggy's Cove/Lunenburg/Mahone Bay.I can assume there will be a similar familiarity within the US.

Not so, in the UK at least, for Shelburne, Lockeport/Barrington/Yarmouth  ---in spite of the "Doers and Dreamers" brochure being easily accessed. .

Shelburne municipality has a long history for attracting tourists from the ferry -- a town well equipped with  interesting and well maintained attractions, motels some B&Bs/ various dining venus/shops   a beautiful waterfront  the park-- and the brewery

 I hope that those with influence within our city/municipality planning will have realized that they must  consider  that this "competition" appears to be  well organized and  an enthusiastic  proposal. This will be real competition for our area which is surely hoping to attract visitors ( from the possible 1215 passengers daily travelling)  and  the resulting revenue.

Equally it will be necessary for the ferry itself to be well used to ensure it becomes a permanent asset to NS tourism.

I do hope that I have expressed an opinion which will be supported by others within Shelburne  -- I believe that it's far too much of a "treasure " to keep to ourselves!


Margaret Johnston  

 Mowatt St.


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