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LETTER: Real high speed Internet needed in rural Shelburne County  


I am writing this letter in regards to the Internet availability in Shelburne County.  It was my understanding that we were to have high speed Internet all across Nova Scotia as of 2015.

I work in Nova Scotia for 3-4 months of every year from my parents’ when I come to visit.  I am a network analyst and require Internet to be able to work.

The “high speed” Internet provided in Birchtown and many other places across Nova Scotia is unstable, has a huge latency and is completely unreliable. 

Up to 30 times a day, network speeds are dropping down below .3 and .2 Mbps.  This is far, far from high speed. 

Even on a good day the most you will get is 1.3 Mbps.  It is my understanding that there are no intentions to run cable Internet to provide real high speed internet. 

This was the case in Alberta as well, but in the last few years, towers have had upgrades and fibre optic lines have been run and this problem has been resolved. 

A company could not run off of this Internet or rely on it to run a business day to day.

Millions of dollars was put into this infrastructure from taxpayers, but apparently Shelburne County taxpayers dollars do not count.  It has been announced that Shelburne County will receive no more upgrades to resolve this issue.

 We really need to address this issue.  People attempting to work from these locations and live would have to move.  Internet is relied upon in this day and age for many things. 


Brittany Dedrick


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