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Letter: A deep appreciation for those who serve and protect


I write this letter, even as I am watching the funeral for the three fallen Mounties, to express my deep appreciation to the RCMP who serve and protect us in Shelburne County.

The events in Moncton have made all Canadians aware of the extremes to which they will go to enhance our safety. They, as well, go to homes where there is spousal abuse not knowing what they will face, or they pull over the drunk driver who is speeding on our highways only to have verbal spew vomited in their faces.

These and many other dangerous and difficult situations they brave for the common good. Through their presence at community events or Q and A’s in the classroom, they evidence they are with us and for us.

Words in a letter to the editor hardly seem enough to express our thanks for the price they personally pay for us. They even go to the extent to maintain the right of those who are suspects in criminal activity so that they may have their day in court.

Indeed, they, and all police officers, are the thin line between peace and anarchy in Canadian society. They and their families are greatly respected and deeply appreciated.

Thank you and thank you again.

Don and Eunice Scheel

Shag Harbour, NS


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