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April 11 public information meeting being held on changes to Port Clyde fire services

Firefighters file photo.
Firefighters file photo. - Tina Comeau

Port Clyde will serve as secondary base for expanded department in Municipality of Barrington

MUNICIPALITY OF BARRINGTON, N.S. – The Municipality of Barrington will be holding a public information session on Wednesday, April 11, at the Port Clyde Community Hall starting at 7 p.m. where a presentation will be made regarding changes to the provision of fire service for the Port Clyde area.

Municipal Council approved a proposed agreement between the municipality, the Barrington/Port LaTour Volunteer Fire Department and the Port Clyde Volunteer Fire Department at the March 26 council session. As a result of the agreement, the Port Clyde fire department is being dissolved with its members joining the Barrington Port LaTour Fire Department.

Fire trucks now stationed at the Port Clyde fire department hall will remain housed there, serving as a secondary base for the expanded department.

During council discussions on the matter, it was noted that “this course of action is to result in no loss of fire services, but instead provide enhanced services in the area.”

Plans for the future use of the hall will also be discussed at the public information session. There will also be a question and answer period.

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