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Duke of Edinburgh Program underway for Queens County

The Duke of Edinburgh program recently celebrated its first birthday in Queens County. - SUBMITTED
The Duke of Edinburgh program recently celebrated its first birthday in Queens County. - SUBMITTED

‘Not all learning happens in the classroom’

LIVERPOOL, NS - Now celebrating its first anniversary, the Duke of Edinburg program in Queens County continues to offer opportunities for youth to discover hidden talents, develop untapped leadership potential, make a difference in their community and explore the wonders of the great outdoors.

According to leader Troy Smith, the program is designed to encourage youth ages 14 to 24 to challenge themselves based on their abilities in several areas, including service (volunteer), physical recreation, skill (building on an existing skill or learning something new) and adventurous journey (camping).

The Duke of Edinburg program is an international award program for youth found in over 140 countries, with over eight million youth participating.

Through the program, Smith says youth gain a sense of community, they discover the amazing abilities they have and they end up connecting with people in the community that they normally may not. It pushes youth to do and try new things. 

“This program looks wonderful on a resume, and opens up possible school credits and scholarships money,” add Smith.

Smith says the South Shore region hosts meetings every three months, and attendance is not mandatory. Youth can do the entire program entirely on their own if they wish, but the support, fun activities, and food every three months is also fun, he says. 

“Meetings are used as a time to talk about how people are doing on their award, go over any struggles they are having, help upload info into the system and to set future training options for youth,” he says.

Any youth who are interested in learning more are invited to attend an upcoming information session on Oct. 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Old Town Hall in Liverpool. Other information can be found online at by downloading the Orb Participant app on their phones.

There is also a qualified team of leaders including Smith, Crystal Stewart-Smith, Cassandra Williams who is a gold award recipient herself, having received her award from Prince Edward in 1992 when he visited Halifax.

The Duke of Edinburgh program is all-inclusive and open to anyone who wants to join no matter what barriers they may have, says Smith.

As the program mantra states, “not all learning happens in the classroom.”

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