Did Shag Harbour family have close encounter of the lynx kind?

What do you think? Lynx or bobcat?

Published on January 24, 2017

SHAG HARBOUR, N.S. - One Shag Harbour family got a close encounter with what they believed was a lynx on Upper Clyde Road.

They were about four or five kilometres on the road off of Highway 103 on Sunday, Jan 22, when they say the large cat walking along the gravel road.

“Yes, a lynx,” said Adam Shand.  “Me, my wife and two boys saw it while driving.”

Shand was able to get some close-up photos and a video of the encounter.

 “It walked by the van about six feet (away),” said Shand.

He said despite the close encounter he was not nervous.

  “I was videoing sitting in the van with the window down,” he said.

When he first saw the animal he was certain it was a bobcat, but after posting it to his Facebook page the discussion it sparked lead him to believe it was a lynx.

But Brian Comeau, district supervisor for the Shelburne detachment of Nova Scotia's Department of Natural Resources , isn’t so sure.

He was able to briefly watch the video and saw the photos on Facebook of the Shands’ encounter.

“I don’t particularly think it was a lynx,” said Comeau.  “Most have been trapped out.”

He said while it’s not uncommon to see a lynx in Shelburne County, most of the sightings are in Yarmouth area.

He said the large paws on the cat sighted on the weekend are indicative of a lynx, but he said the animal did not have the other characteristics associated with a lynx.

“It could have been a crossbreed,” he said. 

He said he has heard of bobcats and lynx breeding in the province but could not be sure.

He said it’s not uncommon to see a bobcat especially this time of year.

“It’s no biggie,” he said.  “I’ve been getting calls my whole career.”

He said often bobcats are travelling close to the roads hunting mice, vole or rabbit.

“The population is sky high this year,” he said of the cats favourite mouse treat.  “With the dry summer we had.”