Judge cracks down on Shelburne man for cocaine trafficking

Published on January 26, 2016

BRIDGEWATER  - A Shelburne man has been sentenced to three years in jail for trafficking cocaine and a Bridgewater judge let him know just what he thought of the man's poor choices.

Arlee Larmar Davis, a 28-year old was sentenced in Bridgewater on Jan. 26.

On April 11, members of Queens RCMP stopped Davis at a traffic checkpoint where they found marijuana and Davis was arrested.

“A subsequent search revealed 78 grams of cocaine concealed within the vehicle he was driving,” wrote Cpl. Doug Brannen in a press release.

Chief Justice Kennedy who was presiding issued a brief but impassioned speech before passing the sentence, calling cocaine the scurge of Nova Scotia and a plague upon Nova Scotian communities.

The judge was cited as previously having called those who traffic cocaine, “retailers of poison” and attributed it to specific crimes of robbery and murder in the province.

“The Chief Justice said that people in the drug business should make serving time in a federal prison part of their plans for the future,” read the release.

Addressing Davis the judge said he was long past the age when most people have put their lives together and told him to “think about his future” before sentencing him for three years.

Davis has a life ban on owning firearms, and ordered to surrender a DNA sample for the offender database.

He was led from the courtroom by deputies to begin his sentence immediately.

He also will serve an additional 60 days for breach of probation.