$2.8-million fish health lab considered for Shelburne

Published on November 1, 2013

Cooke Aquaculture points out salmon as they monitor fish health in Jordan Bay.  The government is proposing a possiblle independent facility in Shelburne to monitor fish health. 



Amy Woolvett photo

By Amy Woolvett

It was revealed, the province is considering building a $2.8-million fish health laboratory in Shelburne.

The laboratory would monitor fish raised in aquaculture pens along the southwestern part of the province.

The Canadian Press released the information after obtaining it through the freedom of information act and CAO, Kirk Cox said the municipality felt it was good news.

It was on the table with the new government whether to build a brand new facility in Shelburne but admitted they will look at far less expensive options as well.

Currently most of the lab work is conducted in Truro but the idea was first proposed when the NDP was in the process of relocating the majority of Fisheries and Aquaculture staff to the Shelburne and other rural areas.

“If that is what they decide to look into, we will do all we can to facilitate the project,” said Cox.

“It would be a nice fit with the Nova Scotia Community College school of fisheries or the industrial park,” he said.

He said like any business interested in developing in the municipality, the MOS will help the government decide by providing information on assets the area could bring to such a development.

Another option on the table with the Nova Scotia government is leasing a facility in Shelburne would include a sample preparation room which would then transfer its samples to Truro for analysis, reported the Canadian Press.

The discussion came after Cooke Aquaculture decided to expand its operations in Shelburne area with additional pens and plans for a fish processing facility.

The province said this is not a definite decision and even if the project does get a green light there would be no immediate plans to proced.

The Municipality of Shelburne, as a part of their sustainability planning, has been investing in the industrial park for future business growth, purchasing additional land and supplying necessary services to the site.