Seven-year-old saves grandfather with 911 call

Published on July 19, 2011
Seven-year-old Madison Himmelman accepts a certificate from Constable Jason Sorenson for her actions to dial 911 when her grandfather needed emergency medical attention. Greg Bennett photo


by Greg Bennett

The Coast Guard


A seven-year-old girl who called 911 after her grandfather went into a diabetic-related seizure was given a special RCMP certificate last week for her actions.

Madison Himmelman was having a pleasant visit with her grandfather David Suttle at his East Green Harbour home on Monday, July 4 when he suddenly fell down in a violent seizure. His blood sugar had dropped dangerously low and he had also struck his head in the fall and was bleeding badly.

With her grandfather in serious trouble, Madison did what she had been told to do just the week before and rushed to call 911.

First responders from Lockeport arrived minutes later to find the little girl still on the phone with 911 dispatchers.

People at the scene noted that the young girl remained calm throughout the incident and had done everything exactly right.

Once David was stabilized, paramedics offered Madison a stuffed animal, a special toy bear that she still treasures.

David ended up spending the week in hospital in Yarmouth. But he was still able to attend a special presentation with RCMP Constable Jason Sorenson who awarded Madison a special certificate and gave her a tour of the Shelburne RCMP Detachment.

David, who has had a close relationship with his granddaughter, expressed his gratitude before leaving to have stitches from his head removed.

Family members at the presentation included Madison’s mother Tiffany and her grandmother Elaine. Both say Madison’s actions certainly saved her grandfather’s life.

What may have made the difference happened the week before when David had a similar seizure. In the days after he had instructed Madison that if he ever got sick like that again to remember to call 911.

“There’s a simple lesson here,” said Elaine. “Teach your children when to call 911 ….it can save a life.”