Production company using Lockeport and lobster as series pitch

Published on December 1, 2012
A production crew was onsite in Lockeport filming about the lobster industry.

By Amy Woolvett


It comes as no surprise to locals that there are more than a few interesting characters residing in the Town of Lockeport.

Now, the lens of the camera is focused on the town and a Halifax-based production company is hoping that Lockeport’s local flavour and industry will sell a series to Canadian networks.

Johanna Eliot is the president and executive producer of Ocean Entertainment, an award winning company with television series and documentaries including episodes featuring culinary icon, Michael Smith’s Chef at Home and Chef at Large series.

The production crew spent three days shooting a demo about lobster fishing in Lockeport last week, with dumping day as its focus.

The crew zeroed in on the ins and outs of lobster fishing including the economics, quality and the characters that work both on and off shore in the industry.

Being from Nova Scotia, Eliot is no stranger to the lobster industry.

“We are interested in lobster fishing and we think the rest of the world should be interested too,” Eliot said.

Lockeport mayor, Darian Huskilson has been working close with the production company to ensure a smooth process for filming in Lockeport.

“We are excited about this project and have been doing what we can to help,” said Mayor Huskilson.

Eliot explained that what they were shooting was a demo rather than a pilot.  Their next step is to pitch the series to major networks.

“We have to deliver something wonderful before it can go to series,” said Eliot.

The idea behind the series has become some of the most successful reality TV shows including Deadliest Catch and Biggest Tuna.