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An ‘army’ of help


Not only do crossfitters work on their own physical strength, they also work to help strengthen their community.


Members of the Sou’wester Crossfit Gym in Shelburne have been competing through the month of March in the Crossfit Open, a challenge that pits local members against other trainers worldwide over a five-week period.

But just because the competition is over doesn’t mean the challenge has stopped.

Local gym owners Ryan Foley, Riley Foley and Page Shirley decided to add a sixth week to the competition and challenged members to collect food donations for the Loyalist Food Bank in Shelburne.

“I was at the 100 Women Who Care meeting and saw (the food bank) present,” said Riley.  “We wanted to do something to help.”

Ryan said the gym is unlike any other.

“We are traditionally different than most fitness brands,” he said.  “We are very supportive to each other and supportive of where we do business.”

The gym, which opened last October, has already grown to over 150 members.

The owners thought they could put the members to good use in the community.

“We basically have an army,” said Ryan.

Members were challenged to form groups and participate in an Amazing Race-style competition that included tasks like helping people carry their groceries from Sobeys. The main goal was to bring in staples for the food bank.

“They brought in an enormous amount of food,” said Riley.

Ryan said it felt great to hand over 2,540 pounds of items to the food bank.

“They told us it was the largest donation they’ve ever had by a local business,” said Ryan.


Did you know?

Crossfit is a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.


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