Wanted: a few good ideas for improvements to Shelburne’s Grovestine complex

Published on May 18, 2017

Grovestine Park in Shelburne


With the Guild Hall construction complete, the Town of Shelburne is now turning its efforts to the Roger Grovestine Memorial Complex.

“The Grovestine has been the same for quite some time,” said Shelburne's chief administrative officer, Dylan Heide.  “It’s well-used for baseball we want to see what else it can be used for.”

The Community Participation and Volunteer Committee is seeking the public’s opinion on what they would like to see in the space.

On May 31 at 7 p.m. in the men’s room at the Shelburne Community Centre, there will be a session so the committee can hear the community’s ideas.

Currently, the park houses a baseball diamond with dugouts and three tennis courts.

There are already plans in the works to breathe new life into the baseball field this summer with new lights and repairs to the dugouts.

But, the town is looking at what to do with the rest of the space.

“We want the town’s people to come up with ideas,” said Heide.

This will be the first of two discussions and, in the fall, the town council will hold talks on how to secure funding for any new projects identified for the site.

“The new council has a priority to really focus on projects that support the town’s quality of life,” said Heide.