Residents of Bay Side Home in Barrington seeking postcards to mark Canada's 150th

Published on March 16, 2017

Bay Side Home resident Gordie O’Connell holds up the first postcard being sent out from the long-term nursing home in Barrington to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Residents are hoping to receive 150 postcards from across Canada.

©Kathy Johnson

BARRINGTON, N.S. – Postcards from across Canada and beyond will be one of the ways residents of Bay Side Home in Barrington will be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.

“We are looking for 150 postcards from all provinces and territories for our residents to read, chat about at our morning coffee, and see how much love there is in Canada,” said Jennifer Spencer, Bay Side Home’s recreation director, when launching the postcard campaign earlier this month on social media.

In less than a week more than 20,000 people had viewed, shared and commented on the social media post.

Anyone that mails us one, we will send one back. The residents love reading mail. Julia Smith, Bay Side recreation programmer

“A lot people are saying they will send a card,” said Spencer. “The residents have a lot of friends and family from all across Canada” and “are excited to see what they are going to get.”

Bay Side Home residents will be replying to all postcards received, said Julia Smith, recreation programmer.

“Anyone that mails us one, we will send one back,” she said, while filling out the first one that is being sent to Deliberate Homeschooling in Edmonton.

“The residents love reading mail,” said Smith, adding the plan is to put a map of Canada on the wall in the common room to mark where the cards received have come from.

“We will take cards from anywhere,” she said.

Spencer hopes the postcard campaign “will snowball into other ideas and activities” for residents of the long-term nursing care facility to celebrate Canada 150.

“We like to get ideas for programs to come from the residents themselves so they are doing what they want to do,” said Spencer.

Anyone wanting to mail a postcard, the address is: Bay Side Home Residents, P.O. Box 238, Barrington, N.S. B0W 1E0.