Snow angel: Shelburne plow operator lets customers set his price, barter

Published on January 19, 2016

Plow operator says pay what you can

SHELBURNE -  Long winter months can mean a seemingly endless battle against the snow while trying to keep driveways and parking lots clear.

Nigel D'Eon of Sandy Point is trying to make it a little easier by offering his services to plow residents out.

But there’s at twist: he's letting the customer set the price. 

In a posting to a local Buy and Sell Group on Facebook, D'Eon offers to plow out residents for whatever they are able to pay him.  He'll even accept baked goods in exchange for his services.

“I had the time, I enjoy plowing and it's good to help people.  I just kind of came naturally,” said D'Eon Jan. 13. 

D'Eon has only plowed five driveways so far, but, with Shelburne avoiding much snow so far, his services haven't been in high demand yet.

When asked what inspired his good Samaritanism, he said his father is to thank.

“My dad used to do it.  He did it for years.  He had a plow and he would do the pharmacy parking lot, or help out neighbours and he never took a cent for it,” D’Eon said. “It was just something that you did.  The first time that I heard of anyone getting paid to plow a drive way, it was completely alien to me.”

Of his five customers so far, D'Eon says there's been a mix - from neighbours to people he has seen at work.  He's even been paid in baked goods once/

“I got some dinner rolls.  Homemade dinner rolls and some biscotti from a neighbour,” D'Eon laughed.

D'Eon is happy to plow any time. 

“So long as I'm not at work,” he says.  He's just happy to be neighbourly and lend a helping hand where it's needed.

“I'm always happy to take baked goods,” confides D'Eon.  “But lemon tarts are my absolute favourite!  I'm a sucker for lemon tarts, I can't say no to them.”

His sweet offer is sure to be a hit with residents when the snows fly again.  He can be reached at (902)875-6327.