Cooke Aquaculture moving ahead with fish farms

Published on July 18, 2011


Representatives of Cooke Aquaculture say work on its new salmon farm sites in St. Marys Bay is going well.

The Grand Passage site in St. Mary's Bay near Digby Neck is now fully installed with 700,000 salmon swimming and feeding in their new home.

A second approved farm will be constructed next and will be placed

about one and a half kilometres further into the bay from the Grand Passage site.

The company has begun hiring people for both of these sites and should have 16 new

employees by the end of July. Cooke Aquaculture offices in both Digby and Shelburne are receiving applications and resumes and we're also receiving resumes via its website.

In a recent report to the community, the company said it was pleased to welcome close to 300 people in mid June to Cooke's first

community open house, held in Shelburne. Additionally, the company noted its attendance a recent public open house and meeting organized by the Nova Scotia

Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture regarding applications submitted by

its subsidiary, Kelly Cove Salmon, to operate finfish leases in Middle Head,

Blue Island and Jordan Bay, Shelburne County.

The company restated that it is fully committed to its expansion plans and is in discussions with federal and provincial governments, “to ensure appropriate investment in economic growth and innovation.”