Ukraine war effort helped by arrival of US Abrams tanks, Ukraine says killed Russian naval commander

Firstly Abrams tanks made in USA Now rolls on Ukrainian soil as Ukraine’s forces say they have dealt a significant blow to Russia’s naval leadership in the Black Sea.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy The Telegram messaging app confirmed the arrival of the tanks: “Good news from Minister (of Defense Rustem) Umerov. Abrams are already in Ukraine and preparing to reinforce our brigades.”

He did not specify the number of tanks supplied.

They are the first of 31 M1 Abrams tanks promised by the Biden administration, and have arrived months earlier than initial estimates. They join tanks already deployed by NATO partners Cheetahs made in Germany Britain’s Challengers arrived last spring.

They are recent US sent heavy weapons Ukraine continues a punishing counteroffensive, penetrating defenses into Russian-held territory in the south and east of the country.

An Australian Army M1A1 Abrams main battle tank fires a round at a target during a live fire demonstration at Bookabunnyal Military Base, north of Melbourne, on May 9, 2019.

William West/AFP via Getty Images

It has been a costly battle on both sides — not just in terms of equipment but in staggering troop losses — without significant territorial gains by Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian special operations forces said Russia’s latest loss was the commander of its Black Sea fleet in an attack on its headquarters. On the occupied peninsula of Crimea On Friday.

Officials say commander Viktor Sokolov and 33 senior officers were killed.

At the Pentagon, a U.S. official said while there was no firm confirmation of Sokolow’s death, the Navy commander appeared to have been killed, CBS News’ David Martin reports.

So far, there has been no response from Moscow about the request. But, if true, it would be a major blow to the Russian war machine — not just the death of one of the country’s highest-ranking officials, but one of the most audacious attacks on Russian-occupied territory beyond the battlefields of Ukraine. .

As for the Abrams tanks, Washington has been reluctant to send them to the battlefields of Ukraine.

More American officials Confirmed for Martin The Biden administration promised Zelenskyy the delivery of long-range missiles with cluster munitions, known as ATACMS – Army Tactical Missile Systems. They have a range of up to 190 miles and can be launched from HIMARS mobile rocket launchers already in use by the Ukrainian military.

The missiles would allow Ukraine to strike Russian supply lines and command posts beyond the front lines, a capability the military has already proven capable of reaching.

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