Trump's lawyers go 0-for-3 in efforts to delay New York hush-money trial

Donald Trump's desperate efforts to delay the start of his New York criminal trial collapsed for the third time this week on Wednesday, when an appeals court judge quickly threw out the former president's latest attempt to slow his case.

In the meantime, Trump's lawyers have argued for a delay in the form of a request for an immediate stay that would allow them to continue their campaign to remove Judge Juan Merson, whom Trump has tried in vain to oust multiple times.

During an emergency hearing on Wednesday, Trump lawyer Emil Bowe argued that Judge Merchan “exceeded his authority” when he refused to grant Trump's request to delay the trial until the Supreme Court rules on presidential immunity in a separate case.

Judge Ellen Gesmer immediately rejected the former president's request. A sentence order.

Trump's arguments for Judge Merson's resignation will be considered by a panel of appellate judges later this month, but the April 15 start of Trump's trial cannot be slowed.

Trump sued Judge Merchan on Monday, the latest salvo in a day, and requested a stay of his expanded gag order and a change of venue, both of which were denied the next day.

In the suit, Trump is accused of falsifying business records to cover up his affair with older film actress Stormy Daniels.

Trump has sought to delay all four of his criminal investigations in recent weeks as he continues to campaign for this November's presidential election.

Those cases include a federal election interference lawsuit in DC, as well as a similar effort in Fulton County, Georgia. Trump faces federal charges in Florida that he mishandled classified documents and conspired to hide them from investigators.

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None of the other cases against Trump have yet been given trial dates — meaning the New York case is the only case Trump faces before Election Day.

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