The video shows a giant wave crashing into California beachgoers

As high tides continue to hit the California coast, a new video shows a large wave heading ashore, overlooking the waters off Ventura Beach.

The sea hit the wall at the end of Seward Avenue, as seen in a video previously posted on Twitter by the Ventura County Fire Department (VCFD) on X. As the visitors try to escape, a huge wave breaks the top of the sea wall. Some are dragged back toward the seawall as the tide pulls in. The force is so strong that the car parked near the wall is pushed off the embankment.

Residents of Northern California faced evacuation orders and warnings Thursday as coastal flooding battered the Golden State.

People evacuated from a large wave in Ventura County, California. Footage released on Thursday showed many people fleeing as a large wave surged over the sea wall.
Ventura County Fire Department

Eight people were hospitalized for injuries caused by exceptionally high waves along the California coast on Thursday. It's unclear at this time if the people in the video are among the people who need treatment. In a separate post on X, Written by VCFD: “Several rescue operations have been carried out. Many areas have been flooded and injured.”

Police Commander Ryan Weeks said about 15 to 20 onlookers were briefly swept away after a large wave breached a beach barrier in Ventura, according to CNN. Newsweek The Ventura County Fire Department has been contacted for comment by email.

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The California Highway Patrol in Santa Cruz issued a coastal flood warning on the Rio Del Mar Esplanade. “The Rio Del Mar Esplanade is currently flooded. Please avoid the area and do not attempt to drive through flooded areas. Road closures are in effect, so please do not drive around them. Drive with caution and prioritize safety.” Written in X.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Los Angeles warned of high tides, currents and coastal flooding on Thursday. In Ventura County, the weather service has issued a warning People were advised to stay out of the water as waves of 10 to 15 feet hit the shore. Other parts of the California coast, including the Central Coast, Santa Barbara South Beach and LA County beaches, were also warned of hazardous conditions.

The NWS says similar conditions are possible on Saturday, December 30. The warning, issued at 3 a.m. local time on Thursday, reads “near the Central Coast, Ventura County beaches, Hermosa/Manhattan/ Palos Verdes beaches and Point Conception.”

In Ventura Beach, VCFD said Work is underway to clear the flooded areas. The department said that houses near the banks have been damaged due to flood.

Residents of the area said they had never seen such high waves in the area till Thursday. “The waves were huge,” Ventura resident Brian Scott told KABC. “I mean, I'm a water guy. I sail, I scuba dive. These were 15-plus foot waves this morning at high tide. Never seen that. We've been here 10 years.”