The SES satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral


Welcome to Florida Today’s Space Team live coverage of this evening’s SpaceX mission from Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 40.

SpaceX looks to break the Space Coast’s rare launch drought tonight.

An SES/Astra communications satellite will be carried into orbit on a Falcon 9 rocket, lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40. Liftoff is targeted for 5:35 pm EDT. But if more time is required the launch window will run to two hours and 49 minutes.

It was the first launch since almost two weeks ago – Friday, June 7. This is a Starlink launch from Launch Complex 40.

Tonight’s launch attempt comes after SpaceX was forced to stand down from its Starlink 10-2 mission, a pre-liftoff stop on Friday — a rarity for SpaceX. As the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GOES U satellite heads to Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39A, SpaceX can only use Space Launch Complex 40, so it decided to shelve the troubled Falcon 9 rocket.

This allowed SpaceX to get on the pad to launch today’s mission – Astra 1P/SES-24.

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Astra 1P/SES-24 is a communications satellite for the European communications companies SES and Astra Partnership. Developed by Ku-band geostationary satellite Thales Alenia Space, will provide satellite TV service to Germany, France and Spain. According to the SES website, Astra Satellites have been providing television and radio to Germany since 1988.

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The weather outlook isn’t ideal for tonight’s start. The Air Force’s 45th Weather Wing predicts that favorable conditions will occur 55% of the time during the allotted launch window. The main meteorological concerns are lightning, lifting winds and cumulus clouds.

If SpaceX is unable to launch today, a backup will be available at the same time on Wednesday.

Falcon 9 landing Read the instructions Droneship in the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, no local sound amplification will be heard.

UPDATE 4:15 PM: Welcome to another release day!

It’s been almost two weeks since the Falcon 9 exploded.

45Th The Weather Service is calling for 55% favorable conditions for this evening release window, which opens at 5:38 pm EDT today.

SpaceX claims an additional two hours and 49 minutes of backup time will allow this weather to move away from the Cape region.

SpaceX droneship tonight

Update 4:26 pm: Today’s Falcon 9 landing Read the instructions Droneship in the Atlantic Ocean. The only sound expected was the familiar rumble of the rocket.

Falcon 9 will be transported back to Port Canaveral, where it will be observed during a short layover.

UPDATE 4:35 PM: Today’s SpaceX booster will fly for the ninth time. Previous memorable missions include the Axiom-2 and Axiom-3 missions, the four Starlink missions, Euclid and CRS-30.

Brooke Edwards is a space reporter for Florida Today. Contact her at [email protected] or X: @brookeofstars.

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