Tesla's updated 2024 Model 3 is now available in the US

An updated version of Tesla's Model 3 sedan has been launched in markets across Europe, the Middle East and the Middle East. China Last fall Now available in North America. Codenamed “Highland,” it introduced several significant changes to Tesla's flagship electric sedan while it was in development.

On the outside, the front end's distinctive bump has been removed, with a slimmer hood and lower-profile headlights compared to the old model, which Tesla says are “optimized for maximum aerodynamics.” It is also available in two new colors – Stealth Gray and Ultra Red.

Tesla's new and old Model 3 designs (size not shown), with the 2023 on the left in red and the “Highland” 2024 Model 3 on the right in gray.
Image: Tesla

The new 2024 Model 3 facelift is now listed for order in Tesla's configurator, with just two versions instead of three, as buyers have seen in other markets: a long-range AWD model with dual motors or a cheaper rear-wheel drive version. For now, at least, there's no option to order the previous top-of-the-line performance model.

The 2024 Long Range Tesla Model 3 advertises an EPA-estimated range of 341 miles, up from its predecessor's 333 miles, while the rear-wheel-drive model is still listed at 272 miles.

Both versions have the same starting price as last year's cars, but there is one more change. Specifications on Tesla's site list the top speed for both versions of the new 2024 Model 3 at 125 mph, while the rear-wheel drive 2023 model tops out at 140, the longer range goes up to 145 and the performance model can manage up to 162 mph.

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Upgrades for the new model Tesla touts an overall quieter cabin with new acoustic glass, improved ride quality with improved suspension tuning (which may be important), “more sophisticated” materials for the interior, ventilated seats, customizable ambient lighting, brighter. A central touchscreen with smaller bezels and better contrast, and an upgraded sound system with 17 speakers.

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