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Former Shelburne resident wins U.S. javelin title


Adam Wolkins hurls the javelin during the NJCAA Championship.

Former Shelburne County resident Adam Wolkins won the National NJCAA Championship ring for the javelin throw.

Wolkins attends a Junior College in Arkansas City, Kansas. With his assistance, his school won the Division VI Regionals for the first time having finished third in prior years.

The son of Karen Hartley Wolkins and James Wolkins, Sr. Adam also had the support of his best friend, Nick Brand and his parents Shawn Williams and Donna Campbell who were in attendance having traveled the 2,400 plus miles to Coffeyville, Kansas from their home in Shelburne. Adam's sister Rhonda Wolkins attended as well as her grandparents, Don and Linda Wolkins from Louisville, Nebraska together with Rhonda's friend, Chris Zwicker also from Shelburne.

Adam won the National Meet with a throw of 67.43 meters. The next best Javelin thrower at the Nationals was some 20 feet behind. His shortest throw was over 62 meters which was longer than any throw from the field.

People can follow Adam's progress on the Cowley web site: His great first year was highlighted by his first ever collegiate meet with a throw of 67.66 meters in early March of 2007. He went on to win the Jayhawk East Conference Title and the Region VI Championship with a throw of 66.06 meters. At Nationals, headwinds were gusting to 25 miles per hour creating difficult conditions for long throws. Compounding the negative conditions, Adam's javelin did not weigh-in properly so he had to throw a javelin he had never thrown before.

He previously won the conference title and won the Regionals two weeks ago while nursing a sprained ankle. His Nationals throws were his best performance for the year; but he threw longer in his first collegiate track meet at 67.66 meters with a tail wind. His throw at Nationals of 67.43 meters was against the strong headwind. Adam intends to graduate next year from Cowley County Community College in Arkansas City, Kansas after which he will select a University with a strong Track & Field program. Adam is looking for a sound base for his run to the Olympics in 2008 and/or 2012.

Former two time Olympian Javelin thrower Scott Warren trains Adam in the summers.

Adam is considering entering the try-outs for the Canadian Track & Field Team for the 2008 Olympics. If his performance continues, he may be able to qualify for either the USA or Canadian Olympic teams. He proudly displays the Canadian and Nova Scotia flags in his dormitory at Cowley County Community College. The two Canadian flags were the first items Adam installed in his dormitory room.

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