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RESULTS & PHOTOS: NSSAF D3 boys and D2 girls high school hockey provincials

YARMOUTH, N.S.– NSSAF Division 3 boys and Division 2 girls high school hockey provincials are being held in Yarmouth March 23-25.

At the opening ceremony on Saturday all Grade 12s from all teams were honoured.

Here are results from the weekend:

Friday, March 23

GIRLS: Par-en-Bas 4 – Yarmouth 2

PEB goal scorers:

Hailey d’Entremont assisted by Josie d’Entremont & Grace Spinney

Angele LeBlanc (2), assisted by Paryse Gaudet & Chantal Deveau

Jenna Comeau assisted by Adele Comeau

Yarmouth goal scorer:

Saige Breton scored, assisted by Hallie Moore

BOYS: Cape Breton Highlands 3 – Par-en-Bas 2

Cape Breton goal scorers:

Mitchell Dilosa (2) assisted by Jackson Timmons, Jakob Deveau, Marcus Larade

Daniel LeBlanc assisted by Will Fraser Mitchell Dilosa

PEB goal scorers:

Josh Boudreau assisted by Zach D’Arcy, Rylan d’Entremont

Hayden Young assisted by Jaden Samms

BOYS: Barrington 6 – SAERC 0

Barrington goal scorers:

Tommy Willis (2) assisted by Kieran O’Connell, Jude Greenwood, Cameron Nickerson

Jagger Kane assisted by Tanner O’Connell, Jarrett Ross

Tanner Bateman assisted by Tommy Willis

Justin Smith assisted by Jarrett Ross, Teagan Scott

Brett Smith assisted by Jagger Kane

GIRLS: Middleton 2 – Yarmouth 1

Middleton scorers:

Carly Durnford assisted by Brielle Bagnal & Kaylee Ross

Leah Verinot assisted by Tristen Saltzman & Kelsea Garnett

Yarmouth scorers:

Saige Breton assisted by Hallie Moore

GIRLS: Dalbrae 9 – Par-en-Bas 0

Dalbrae scorers:

Melissa MacDonald assisted by Chloe Gillis & Hannah Graham

Bryanna Smith assisted by Abby Walker & Kirstie Jordan

Nora MacNeil (4), assisted by Celia MacDonald, Hannah Graham, Emma Gillis & Monica Sutherland

Hannah Graham assisted by Chloe Gillis & Abby Walker

Jessie Helen MacNeil assisted by Nora MacNeil & Celia MacDonald

Maeve Gillis assisted by Abby Walker

GIRLS: West Kings 4 – Middleton 0

West Kings goal scorers:

Brooklyn Bishop (3), assisted by Gracie Avery & Gillian Avery

Gracie Avery assisted by Brooklyn Bishop


BOYS: SAERC 5 – Dalbrae 3

SAERC goal scorers:

Brett MacNeil assisted by Harrison MacFadyen and Brady White

Braden Kelly assisted by Bradley Kersten and Mack Anderson

Daniel Warner assisted by Brady White and Jake MacDonald

Blake Hadley (2) assisted by Mack Anderson, Cullen MacEachern

Dalbrae goal scorers:

Brad Chandler assisted by Alexander Hawley, Cullen MacEachern

Cullen MacEachern assisted by Brad Chandler and Alexander Hawley

GIRLS: West Kings 4 – Par-en-Bas 1

West Kings goal scorers:

Brooklyn Bishop (3), assisted by Mariah Ernest, Gillian Avery & McKayla Sweet

Leah Aalders assisted by Brooklyn Bishop

PEB goal scorers:

Angele LeBlanc

GIRLS: Dalbrae 7 – Yarmouth 0

Dalbrae goal scorers:

Chloe Gillis (1), assisted by Monica Sutherland, Hannah Graham

Celia MacDonald (4), assisted by Nora MacNeil, Emma Munro, Kirstie Jordan, Deidra Fraser, Jessie Helen MacNeil

Kirstie Jordan (1), assisted by Emma Munro & Nora MacNeil

Bryanna Smith (1), assisted by Emma Gillis & Abby Walker

BOYS: Cape Breton Highlands 3 – Inverness-Baddeck 2

Cape Breton Highlands goals:

Jakob Deveau assisted William Fraser

Matthew Hinkley assisted Jakob Deveau, William Fraser

Daniel LeBlanc assisted by Broderick Murphy

Inverness-Baddeck goals:

William Basker assisted by Dusty Bernard

Dusty Bernard assisted by Zach Mullins

GIRLS: Dalbrae 11 – Middleton 0

Dalbrae goal scorers:

Monica Sutherland assisted by Emma Gillis, Hannah Gillis

Jessie Helen MacNeil (3) assisted by Sophie Sawler, Kirstie Jordan, Abby Walker, Monica Sutherland, Melissa MacDonald, Celia MacDonald

Sophie Sawler (1) assisted by Deidra Fraser

Abby Walker (1) assisted by Melissa MacDonald

Nora MacNeil (4) assisted by Hannah Gillis, Monica Sutherland, Emma Gillis

Kirstie Jordan (1)

GIRLS: West Kings 2 – Yarmouth 1

West Kings goal scorers:

Brooklyn Bishop (2), assisted by Leah Alders

Yarmouth goal scorers:

Saige Breton (1), unassisted

BOYS: Dalbrae 5 – Barrington 3

Dalbrae goal scorers:

Nolan Beaton (1) assisted by Hunter Shaw

Bev Van Zutphen (3) assisted by Griffen Spears, Mitchell Murphy

Alexander Hawley (1) unassisted

Barrington goal scorers:

Justin Smith (1) assisted by Jacob Symonds, Tanner O’Connell

Tanner Bateman (1) assisted by Brett Smith

Tanner O’Connell (1) unassisted

BOYS: Par-en-Bas 4 – Inverness-Baddeck 2

PEB goal scorers:
Josh Greene (1) assisted by Ethan Doucette, Zach D’Arcy

Jaden Samms (1) assisted by Brennan Smith, Patrick d’Entremont

Ethan Doucette (1) unassisted

Josh Boudreau (1) assisted by Ethan Doucette

Inverness-Baddeck goal scorers:

James Beaton (1) assisted by Zach Mullins, Ross Mullins

Chance Blackstone (1) assisted by Riley MacKinnon, Frankie MacNeil

GIRLS: Dalbrae 7 – West Kings 0

Dalbrae goal scorers:

Kirstie Jordan (3), assisted by Maeve Gillis, Emma Munro, Celia MacDonald, Hannah Gillis, Nora MacNeil, Jesse MacNeil

Maeve Gillis (1), assisted by Deidra Fraser & Kirstie Jordan

Nora MacNeil (1), assisted by Jesse MacNeil & Kirstie Jordan

Jesse MacNeil (1), assisted by Celia MacDonald & Emma Gillis

GIRLS: Par-en-Bas 4 – Middleton 1

PEB Goal scorers:

Angele LeBlanc (1), assisted by Grace Spinney

Grace Spinney (1), assisted by Josie d’Entremont & Renee Blinn

Alex d’Entremont (2), assisted by Angele LeBlanc, Chantal Deveau & Josette Thibodeau

Middleton goal scorers:

Kinzee Veinot (1), assisted by Paige Banks & Trinity Chesley



12 noon: West King (away) vs Dalbrae (home) in Arena 1 (game will be livestreamed: )


9 a.m. Par-en-Bas (away) vs Barrington (home) in Arena 1 (livestreamed)

9:30 a.m. Dalbrae (away) vs Cape Breton Highlands (home) in Arena 2 (no livestream available)


Boys championship game at 2 p.m. (Livestreamed. Live streamlink: 

CLICK HERE FOR BOYS CHAMPIONSHIP RESULT: Barrington Barons win 2-1 in overtime over Dalbrae Dragons

SCHEDULE: You can click on this posting for a schedule

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