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Lenwood softball team reunion set for weekend in Shelburne


The Lenwood softball team reunion is this weekend in Shelburne.

Remember when… the Lenwood softballers took Class “A” championship in the Shelburne County Softball Association for the second consecutive season?

Coach Roy Hartley guided his team through two post-season series and won each series in the last game. Lenwood topped the Air Force, 3 games to 2 in the semi-finals and beat Jordan Bay 4 games to 3 in the finals. The team won Class “B” in 1971.

The Lenwood softball team, “A” champs in the Shelburne County Softball Association were George King, Dave McNeil, Lawrence Bruce, Ed Hartley, Ed Jacklyn, Lloyd Hipson, Mike Johnson, Robbie Acker, Gordon Farmer, Dave Hartley, Billy Acker, Graham “Ding” Bell, Robert Herbert, Sterling Bell, Aubrey Harding and coached by Roy Hartley.

Also to play for Lenwood over the years were Barry Hartley, John Hartley, George Acker, Jim Davis, Lee Davis, David Darrow, Henry Cox, Gary Young, Sonny Farmer, Ron Davis, Mike Eustace and Rob Hartley.

This all came to be when Barry and Robert approached Aubrey to sponsor a ball team. The team was to be named after Aubrey’s wife, who everyone knew as Lennie (Lenwood Genevieve Goreham).

Barry Hartley was captain of the team for their first year. Aubrey Jr. (Audie) was bat boy and the four Harding daughters, Glee, Kim, Cyndi and Gwen could be found in the cheering section most games, with Lenwood’s many fans.

Some of their biggest fans, just to name a few, were Mable Acker (Billy’s mom), Lorraine Hartley, June Marie Hartley and Shirley Bruce. Many of shook pop cans filled with rocks. They were noisy but no competition for June and her cow bell.

The Lenwood Ball Team Reunion is set to take place on Saturday, Aug. 2. Meet and greet at noon on Aug. 2 with a softball game at 2 p.m. at the Albert Acker field. There will be a dance that evening at the Lions Hall which is open to the public.

Rain date for the game is Aug. 3.

Organizers would like to see all of the players and fans attend this once-in-a-lifetime reunion. For those unable to play, Barry would like to see the sons and grandsons represent those players on the field.

Organizers are looking forward to a weekend of shared memories, both wins and losses. Stories to be re-told  of  a  time when “play ball” brought the neighbourhoods together. Mitts, bats and cleats pulled from the closets for another day of fun and laughter.

Go to the “Lenwood Ball Team Reunion” Facebook page for more information.

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