Sources said the deal was reached on a short-term funding bill to avoid a government shutdown

Congressional leaders have reached an agreement on a short-term funding bill that would leave out part of it Government shutdownSources familiar with the deal confirmed to CBS News on Saturday.

Sources said the continuation resolution would fund the government between March 1 and March 8. The present financial agreement, which came into effect In November, some federal departments will be funded until January 19 and others until February 2.

House Speaker Mike Johnson will brief House Republicans on a call Sunday evening, sources said.

The text of the bill is expected to be released Sunday night, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

This would mark the third short-term spending deal Congress has reached From September.

Democrats and Republicans are far apart in budget negotiations, with Republicans seeking significant spending cuts. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Thursday that he is moving forward with his own measure on a short-term spending deal.

Some lawmakers are “actually saying a shutdown is a good thing,” Schumer said, adding that those who favor a shutdown are “trying to bend the rest of Congress and the country to their extremist views.”

Schumer and Johnson Agreement reached Last weekend it set total government spending for fiscal year 2024 at $1.66 trillion. This includes $886 billion in defense spending and $772 billion in non-defense spending.

Many hard-line House conservatives tried to push Johnson to change the topline spending deal, but Johnson told reporters Friday that it would remain in place.

— Caitlin Yilek and Kaia Hubbard contributed to this report.

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