Russia’s Kursk airbase has suffered heavy losses in a successful attack by Ukraine’s security services

Kursk Air Base in western Russia attacked According to NV sources, on the night of August 26-27 by counter-intelligence agents of the 13th Main Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

Four Russian Su-30 fighter jets and one MiG-29 aircraft, as well as two Pantsyr air defense systems and S-300 radars were hit by attack drones. Almost all reached their targets, with only three intercepted by Russian air defenses, the source said.

“Bavovna* (ed. see note below) was spectacular. The exact results of the strikes and the number of casualties and injuries will be known soon,” the source said.

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Several powerful explosions were heard in Kursk on the night of August 26-27. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had successfully intercepted the drones. However, the governor of Kursk Oblast reported that a drone crashed into an apartment building overnight.

*The Ukrainian word “paovna” (meaning “cotton” in English) is a newly coined word in Ukrainian that refers to a loud burst far from the front.

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