PFT’s Week 9 2023 NFL Power Rankings

1. Eagles (7-1, No. 2 last week): AJ Brown is making a case for MVP.

2. Jaguars (6-2, No. 3): A San Francisco showdown — and a possible Super Bowl preview — comes after their bye.

3. Dolphins (6-2, No. 4): Germany gets the best game the NFL has ever exported with a pair of top-five teams.

4. Ravens (6-2, No. 6): They’re the best team in the NFL’s best division.

5. Chiefs (6-2, No. 1): Will the Chiefs develop a viable option in the passing game after Travis Kelce?

6. 49ers (5-3, No. 5): That win over the Cowboys seems like a long time ago.

7. Cowboys (5-2, No. 7): They’ve quietly built the best home-field advantage in the league.

8. Lions (6-2, No. 8): A No. 1 seed by schedule is not impossible.

9. Seahawks (5-2, No. 9): Let’s find out who they start on Thanksgiving when the 49ers come to town.

10. Bills (5-3, No. 12): They’re going to have their hands full in Cincinnati.

11. Bengals (4-3, No. 18): Here they come.

12. Jets (4-3, No. 16): It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as you win.

13. Steelers (4-3, No. 10): They’ll win some and lose some and ultimately be in the mix for a playoff spot.

14. Browns (4-3, No. 11): Had the Deshaun Watson trade paid dividends, they would have been Super Bowl bound.

15. Falcons (4-4, No. 13): If they want a shot at the playoffs, they’ll have to embrace the Heinecke rollercoaster.

16. Vikings (4-4, No. 17): Will the devastation of losing Kirk Cousins ​​make others step up or give up?

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17. Texans (3-4, No. 14): They need to learn how to win the games they want.

18. Buccaneers (3-4, No. 15): Baker Mayfield is doing his worst to make this team a contender.

19. Saints (4-4, No. 25): If they find some consistency, they could win the division.

20. Colts (3-5, No. 19): Gardner Minshew is getting his shot, but he hasn’t done much of it lately.

21. Chargers (3-4, No. 22): They finally have everything clicking. Can they keep it up?

22. Titans (3-4, No. 26): They’ve figured out their present and their future.

23. Broncos (3-5, No. 30): They have a long road to playoff contention, but they’re finally building some momentum.

24. Rams (3-5, No. 20): Matthew Stafford has kept it together as long as he can.

25. Commanders (3-5, No. 23): The reset button is approaching for the new ownership group.

26. Raiders (3-5, No. 21): It’s ugly and getting worse.

27. Packers (2-5, No. 27): It’s too soon to give up on Jordan Love, but it’s not too soon to start thinking he’s the answer.

28. Bears (2-6, No. 24): The Bears aren’t ready for prime time.

29. Giants (2-6, No. 29): Not many teams can win with a QB3.

30. Panthers (1-6, No. 32): It’s a start. Still feel like they’re over this season.

31. Patriots (2-6, No. 28): They are currently 16th out of 16 teams in the AFC standings.

32. Cardinals (1-7, No. 31): They keep competing, but they keep losing.

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