PFT’s Week 10 2023 NFL Power Rankings

1. Eagles (8-1, No. 1 last week): After the bye, they’ve got four solid tests.

2. Ravens (7-2, No. 4): The most balanced team in the AFC, if not the entire NFL, is poised for a Super Bowl run.

3. Jaguars (6-2, No. 2): Beat the 49ers this weekend and they’re the real deal.

4. Chiefs (7-2, No. 5): Defense saves offense on a regular basis.

5. 49ers (5-3, No. 6): That losing streak should end this weekend.

6. Dolphins (6-3, No. 3): They’ll have more chances this year to finally beat a good team.

7. Lions (6-2, No. 8): The race for the top seed begins now.

8. Bengals (5-3, No. 11): They might not lose another one.

9. Cowboys (5-3, No. 7): Four-game winning streak on deck.

10. Seahawks (5-3, No. 9): Drew Lock inches closer and needs to make a shot without turning the ball over.

11. Steelers (5-3, No. 13): All they do is find a way to win.

12. Bills (5-4, No. 10): They need to figure things out or the playoffs won’t happen this year.

13. Browns (5-3, No. 14): After beating Baltimore on Sunday, this team will be ready to make a run.

14. Vikings (5-4, No. 16): Is Josh Dobbs the future? For now he is the present.

15. Chargers (4-4, No. 21): Defense could be key to potential playoff run.

16. Texans (4-4, No. 17): They’re finally learning how to win.

17. Saints (5-4, No. 19): Daysum Hill is getting more touches.

18. Falcons (4-5, No. 15): Defense let them down in the clutch against the Vikings.

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19. Jets (4-4, No. 12): Will Aaron Rodgers make much of a difference if he can’t stop him?

20. Colts (4-5, No. 20): They enjoy a chance to stick the fork deep in the Patriots.

21. Buccaneers (3-5, No. 18): The wheels are coming off.

22. Titans (3-5, No. 22): Will Lewis has done enough to sideline Ryan Tannehill.

23. Broncos (3-5, No. 23): Beat the Bills, maybe they can make a playoff push.

24. Generals (4-5, No. 25): When they seemed to give up, they acted together.

25. Raiders (4-5, No. 26): Ding Dong the witch is dead.

26. Packers (3-5, No. 27): A win over the Rams felt like a loss.

27. Rams (3-6, No. 24): If all else fails, polish off the Super Bowl LVI trophy.

28. Bears (2-7, No. 28): A period of success won’t be enough to stave off big changes.

29. Giants (2-7, No. 29): Tommy DeVito doesn’t deserve this.

30. Leopards (1-7, No. 30): One step forward, one giant step back.

31. Patriots (2-7, No. 31): Which way to the patriot way?

32. Cardinals (1-8, No. 32): They averaged less than a yard per minute of playing time.

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