Patrick Mahomes became the youngest QB to beat 31 other teams

When the Chiefs beat the Vikings on Sunday, it added to Patrick Mahomes’ growing list of accomplishments: He’s now beaten 31 teams in the NFL, excluding the one he plays for.

Mahomes hasn’t beaten the Vikings yet because he hasn’t played yet. The only time in Mahomes’ career, when the Chiefs faced the Vikings, Mahomes was injured and Matt Moore led the Chiefs to a victory. With Sunday’s win in Minnesota, Mahomes has now beaten every team except the Chiefs.

At 28, Mahomes is the youngest quarterback to accomplish the feat. All other quarterbacks who beat 31 other teams were under 30 when they beat their 31st opponent.

Mahomes is one of five quarterbacks to beat every team except the one they played. But the Seahawks and Aaron Rodgers have beaten every team but the Packers.

Oddly enough, another quarterback, Kerry Collins, had 31 wins, but Collins’ team was never undefeated, the Dolphins, not one of the teams he played for. Collins actually started four times against the Dolphins while playing for four different teams, but lost all four games.

Mahomes’ opposing quarterback on Sunday, Kirk Cousins, entered Sunday’s game having hit 30 other opponents, and with the Chiefs being one of two teams Cousins ​​hasn’t lost to, Cousins ​​has a chance to make it 31 as well. (Cincinnati is the only other team Cousins ​​hasn’t lost to.) Cousins ​​has beaten both teams he’s played against; He beat Minnesota while with Washington and beat Washington with Minnesota.

Four quarterbacks in NFL history have beaten all 32 teams: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. Chiefs fans will hope that Mahomes retires as a Chief and never makes that list.

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