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Pirates appreciated community support


With some time for reflection after a very busy weekend of pirating, pillaging and plundering, we would like to express our genuine thanks to those who made the Pirate Rendezvous weekend possible - and a good time, to boot.

First, to our many pirates; from Barrington, Cape Sable Island, Jordan, Halls Harbour, Halifax and Shelburne – good on you!

The financial support from the province, town and municipality is appreciated, as is the generous financial support of local businesses, and the many who displayed posters in their windows and had their employees dressed as pirates and pirate wenches.

We especially appreciate the tremendous effort and cooperation from the Town of Shelburne public works department staff and the energetic support from tourism bureau manager Hazel Keddy and her staff.

Truth be known, the event would not have been as festive, colourful or enjoyable without the pirate schooner Billy Jack on the waterfront and we appreciate the cooperation of the Shelburne Historical Society in that.

Chris Hagel of Onshore Construction loaned us the ship gratis and Bill Harris Transportation made the entire thing possible with their extremely generous assistance in moving the many-tonne vessel to and from the waterfront.

Of course, we’ve set to planning next year’s event, using lessons learned from this year and are investigating the possibility of having the Billy Jack as a more regular fixture in Shelburne. Stay tuned.

Again, thanks for the many people who lent their support and for the hundreds who visited us during the three days.


Allan Reid & Timothy Gillespie

Pirates of Port Roseway/South Coast Living History Society


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