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Letter: We need safer roads in Shelburne County


Have any of you recently driven on one of our Shelburne County roads and wondered when it would get paved?

Upon reviewing the on-line 5-Year Highway Improvement Plan developed by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, the only paving project listed in the next four years is 10 km in Stoney Island in 2015-2016. There are NO OTHER PROJECTS listed in Shelburne County from 2015 to 2019.

What does this mean for local residents who are trying to navigate and maneuver the dangerous Shore Road going from Birchtown to Gunning Cove or sections of the Jordan Bay Road?  These roads are not on the list for paving improvements!

Residents of Shelburne County want roads that are safe. Nothing less is a death trap. And talk about a death trap: Is there anyone who drives around the corner at Exit 29 to Barrington who does not say, “This is so dangerous!”  Not only is it located on a corner on a major highway, there are confusing lines painted on the pavement!

 We need to start to create awareness so that we are represented on the 5 Year Plan. There are roads in our area that are unfit to drive. Pot holes, uneven pavement, water pools that can lead to hydroplaning, and in winter pockets of ice make these roads a navigational hazard.

I would encourage you to write to our Minister of Transportation, the Honourable Geoff MacLellan  at and ask him to address the condition of roads that need paving in Shelburne County.

Our voice matters.

Safety matters.

Shelly Hipson



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