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Letter: Towns could annex municipal areas to grow in Shelburne County


I'm concerned as I expect many other residents are about the amalgamation process.

There seems to be opportunities for progress being set aside as elected representatives guard their territories. We need a group of positive representatives whether they be political or residential to gather all the facts - we can take the bad with the good.  We need to stop protecting our self interests and look at what is best for the whole Municipality  and Province. We elect our politicians to be our representatives - not our censors.

For example from my viewpoint the Town of Lockeport is in trouble - population continues to drop while taxes are rising and services are affected. Sometimes when you are inside the bubble you can't see what the bubble really looks like. Everyone needs to be at the table. Having conversations and communicating with each other will always be for the better and as our new Prime Minister has so eloquently stated and shown - better is always possible.

 I may be biased but I'd much rather be annexed as a part of the Greater Lockeport area if it will help that town survive and grow. Has annexation of areas near the town even been discussed or evaluated. Maybe it's a good idea or not but we can't find out of there are no conversations. I urge all entities to get to the table together and find solutions that serve all residents of Shelburne County.

We can do better.


Jim Smith

Pleasant Point Road

Former president Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities


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