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LETTER: The social side of fishing

Fish has been an important aspect to Shelburne for a long time, in the form of an income for fishermen, their families and countless spinoff jobs.

Have you ever thought of the social aspect of fish? No, well nor have I until this evening.

I heard that trout were being caught at Islands Park, so I rode to the park to see for myself. When I rounded the corner, the road was lined on both sides, the parking lot was full and cars were also in the field.

I found a spot and walked down to see what all the fuss was about. The fish being landed and dressed were impressive, but even more impressive was the social aspect.

There were people of all ages, languages, social classes, colors and nationalities. There were kids playing while their cellphones were nowhere in sight. One little girl about 9 or 10 came running towards a little boy about the same age trying to push him off the boat ramp into the shallow water. He turned to see her coming, scooped her up and deposited her feet into two inches of water. She yelled to me “Mister” (made me feel old) “did you see what he did to me?” “Yes, I also saw what you tried to do to him.” “Oh” she said, “we are coming back tomorrow – I love it here.”

There were people walking, talking and socializing and yes, fishing all over the park. It was great and totally self-organized.

Just people coming together, enjoying our park, our environment and each other’s company.

Hope the fish, or at least these people continue to come.

Milne Goulden


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