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Letter: I am only one of many volunteers


In response to the “volunteer of the month” by the Town of Shelburne Community Participation and Volunteer Committee, I wish to say thank you. I was surprised and honoured to be chosen as the volunteer for January.

Volunteers make up a valuable part of the fabric of our communities, and I am only one of many.

I could not have formed “Friends” peer support for depression some 20 years ago without the help of four other dedicated women, one of which is the head of “Friends support group for depression in Barrington today.

I am grateful for the financial support that the Southwest Health Community Board has given me to enable me to do the work that I feel is so needed to bring awareness to the public that “depression is an illness not a character weakness.”

Our first walk-a-thon to promote mental health awareness on May 10, 2013 was highly successful and will now become an annual event to be held during Mental Health week each year and with the help of our volunteers it will thrive and grow.

Evelyn Goodwin

Northwest Harbour

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