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Letter: Don’t let lobster levy happen  


Lobsters from Nova Scotia are being shipped around the world.

It has been very frustrating to me with all that I’ve been reading in the papers and magazines concerning the lobster levy, which is absolutely ridiculous. It is nothing more than a free ticket for some individuals to travel the world for nothing.

In reading the “Navigator” magazine, 2015 January edition, I see where tonnes of Nova Scotia lobsters will be sent to all parts of the world. Korean Air Caro will provide the largest shipments, not to mention the tonnes shipped to China. Korean shipments will also be sent to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. So, I ask, do we need someone to go and look for more markets? I think not! In the last five years, Canadian live lobster exports to Asia have grown 400%.

I have faith that our buyers will travel and find markets for their product themselves.

Fishers in S.W. Nova have been called too independent; well, they have certainly earned it. Take into consideration how much district 34 pays every year to go lobster fishing -- $1,880 per license. No other district pays anywhere near that fee, so I suggest the Department of Fisheries take part of that fee and send the lobster council members to go with that. It will more than pay their way.

If this levy or fee passes, you can bet the lobster fishermen will be stuck with it for life and you may be sure it will increase over time.

Don’t let it happen

Brad Symonds

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