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LETTER: Deer gawkers causing problems on the Hawk


This letter is addressed to the fishermen, hunters and retired men who come to the Hawk to watch the deer.

Yes, the deer are lovely and yes, plentiful and yes, they do cross the road and provide entertainment.

This letter is to give you a first hand view of how frustrating your actions are when you sit lined up on both sides of the road fully blocking anyone from getting through.

Yes, you may have the time to sit for 15 - 20 minutes, and the time to get out and socialize with the other people doing as you do, however there are some of us who work.

We are on the road going to meetings and have places where we need to be.

You sit and watch and talk and let the cars pile up behind you while you are oblivious to our frustration that you do not care that some people may be in a hurry and your actions have cost a loss of time and made people late.

You may not see it as annoying or ignorant but I for one do and it makes me angry that you have no respect or thought of your actions.

You leave your lights on high beam while you sit watching and do not give a thought that you are in the wrong pertaining to the rules of the road. My suggestion to you is to either pull fully off the road or park single file and allow traffic access to move forward.

If unable to do this then park in the swamp or on a side road while you sit gawk. I for one will blow my horn in the future, and I will stay on the horn until the deer or you move so that we can get by. If you are angry and see no point in my writing this, and think I am ignorant or a trouble maker then try living here when the roads are blocked and you have to get to work and must wait until someone gives way.

Yes it is frustrating to say the least.

Please remember there are others who use the road as well as you and would like it if you pulled off and turned your lights off high beam or put them on park.


Veronica Smith-Hopkins,

a deer lover, however a frustrated Cape Sable Island resident.

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