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Letter: Angry Shelburne County senior calmer, but still angry


Our home is back to normal, power and phone on and working well.

Me… I am still miffed with the power company. I cannot think of any logical reason that whenever we have storms in Nova Scotia that so many people lose their power. We all know that the company is irresponsible when it comes to keeping the trees cut back, so they don’t interfere with the lines. Every year the company raises our power rates and, as far as I can see, all the money goes in the pockets of the “big wigs”. The system is all wrong; if the system doesn’t work, get rid of the people filling their pockets and put the money where it should go: more linemen, equipment and better management of the company.

This power outage was very expensive for us and I’m sure for a lot of other people in Nova Scotia. It is easy for some to tell us to get a generator and that will solve our problems. The generators are expensive and what about the fuel to run them? Not only does a power outage wear on your nerves, but hard on our wallets also. I had to buy an auto recharger for my seldom used cell phone. We lost five shopping bags of meat and about 15 pounds of fish and frozen vegetables. Every spring we start to buy extra foods for our summer company and only what is on sale. All is gone, due to the heat and length of the outage. Who is going to replace that? Mr. C.E.O., Mr. Vice, whatever? A generator? I really doubt that. And I sure can’t replace any of what was thrown out.

Whenever we hear a storm is headed for us, we get ready for the worst. Lamps filled, batteries checked, radio checked, bathtub filled with water, 45 water jugs checked and stored. It didn’t work this time. My dog stole and at the plug from the tub, good-bye water.

To all the men who work so hard to restore power, we appreciate every minute you are working. We know the loss of power is not your fault and you do work in terrible weather to help us. I bet “you” are underpaid for the hard work you do. A special thanks for our neighbor, Andy, who helped refill our water jugs at his home.

To Nova Scotia Power: Get rid of that terrible phone system you have and hire people who know what is going on, when we finally reach them.

Phyllis A. Wolfe

Port L’Hebert

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