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Seeking to help victims of bullying

Diane Stevens, co-founder of MAYBE Today shows off one of her bracelets in support of the organization.
Diane Stevens, co-founder of MAYBE Today shows off one of her bracelets in support of the organization. - Amy Woolvett

The schoolyard bullying of today isn’t typically the shoving or fistfights of years ago.
“They are not punching, kicking or pulling hair,” says Diane Stevens. “Bullying now is much more subtle.”
She says it is whispered comments tearing a person's confidence down piece by piece. Cyberbullying, through avenues such as YouTube, Facebook and Snap Chat, are popular vehicles of bullying, she says.
Stevens is the co-founder of an anti-bullying organization called MAYBE Today.  (Mankind Against Youth Bullying Everywhere).
She began the organization along with her cousin, Marcie Munro, in British Columbia and together they hope to see MAYBE Today’s mission to spread from coast-to-coast.
“It’s in its infancy,” says Stevens.  She hopes to get into schools within the Tri-County Regional School Board to start spreading the word of MAYBE Today and their messages of anti-bullying.
“MAYBE Today needs to get in the place that bullying is happening,” she says.
Not only does the organization want to educate about bullying and spread the message that it is not okay, they also want to act as a liaison between the victim and services needed that can range from the RCMP to therapist help.
“We want to be that brick wall between bullies and the victims,” says Stevens.
Stevens currently works as a duty attendant, watching over children in schools during recesses in Shelburne County.
“I see bullying every day,” she says.  “From primary to Grade 12 and it makes me hurt for the victims.”
She says she herself was bullied as an adult and it was a terrible experience and one of the reasons she jumped on board to head this organization.
The message of MAYBE Today encompasses bullying not just in the school system, but also in the workplace.
Stevens’ first act is to make bullying and the anti-bullying movement more visible and has been busy creating bracelets made of braided paracord and are available for purchase for $10 for adult sizing and $5 for an adjustable child’s sized bracelet in the orange and blue colours.
Police and fire departments are beginning to stand behind the MAYBE Today in Shelburne County and Stevens has made thin blue line and thin red line bracelets to show support for police and fire with proceeds going to MAYBE Today.

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