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Unauthorized camping: Town of Shelburne considering amendments to its parking bylaws

Town of Shelburne town office
Town of Shelburne town office - Tina Comeau

At a recent meeting, Shelburne’s town council approved a motion directing its staff to prepare a report regarding possible amendments aimed at preventing unauthorized camping on town property.

Darren Shupe, Shelburne’s chief administrative officer, said residents from neighbouring properties have complained to town staff and councillors about being disturbed by the late evening noise coming from the town parking lots.

“The town has leased several of its properties to other groups, and people have been using these spaces to camp,” he said.

“The town is also concerned about possible liability issues that could arise from people using these spaces to camp.”

Several businesses offer campsites, and nearby parks such as Islands Park Campground are also popular camping venues, so other accommodations are available to people who wish to camp in the area, he added.

As a result of the issue, council has asked staff to prepare a report looking at the problem and suggest possible amendments to the parking bylaw that will prevent unapproved camping in its parking spaces.

The town is in the process of examining all of its properties, assets and issues of liability, Shupe said.

The suggested amendments would be to section 3 Definitions and section 5 Prohibitions. An additional schedule could be added that would grant camping privileges through application to town council for special events or for specific group activities.

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