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‘There are some patients in desperate financial need’

Dan Dolan is one of the organizers of the Chronic Illness Fund.
Dan Dolan is one of the organizers of the Chronic Illness Fund.

This is the core idea around a new support organization that is trying to get off the ground in Shelburne County.

The Chronic Illness Fund, sponsored by the Roseway Hospital Charitable Foundation, has launched a fundraising campaign to support those in the community living with chronic illnesses.

According to the Shelburne County Housing Coalition, the median annual income of the total population for Shelburne County is $21,715.

“Subtract (bills) from that, and there isn’t much left over,” says Dan Dolan, medical social worker for Roseway Hospital and one of the organizers of the fund.

Chronic illness is defined as a prolonged condition of deteriorating illness that depletes the body’s strength and requires ongoing treatment to maintain the present state of health, says Dolan.

The type of illnesses can range from diabetes to cancer.

And the more severe the illness, the more treatments the patient will require.

“There are some patients in desperate financial need,” says Dolan. 

He hopes the Chronic Illness Fund will help to alleviate some of the costs associated with living with chronic illness.

It's hoped the campaign will raise enough money to allocate a one-time donation of $500 to help cover travel costs, medication and any equipment needed to maintain their present state of health.

Dolan says the group has been focusing on getting the word out to the business community in Shelburne County and, so far, has already received a $2,500 contribution from Tim Hortons.

The group has a long way to go, however. It's projected that a yearly operating budget of $20,000 will be required.

“Until we reach that goal, we can’t open the application process,” says Dolan.

The group is hoping to apply for funding in the coming months to all levels of government.



To donate:  Contact Colette Perham at 902-875-4144 ext 2212 or Dan Dolan at 902-875-4144 ext 2286



Dan Dolan is one of the organizers of the Chronic Illness Fund.  Amy Woolvett

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