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Health-care workers shown the love in Shelburne

Rally held in Shelburne to thank health-care workers for the services they provide


Healthcare providers were shown the love at a support rally on Sunday.

People of all ages attended the rally, which was organized by Jennie Huskilson to thank health-care workers for the services they provide. The rally took place in front of the new Shelburne Family Practice primary health-care clinic, located adjacent to Roseway Hospital in Sandy Point, on March 31.

Huskilson said she organized the rally because she is “so deeply thankful for every person who touched my family with their care.”

“There’s a lot of negativity surrounding the health-care issues that we’re dealing with right now.  I learned first-hand through my experience with my family and what we have experienced with the loss of (my daughter) Carmen is that the best way to support people in their time of need and hardship is with kindness, to raise each other up,” she said.

“I experienced that, so my mission from now on is to return that to our community every chance that I can so that’s why I came up with an idea do a positive support rally and show all the people that are working so hard to keep us healthy and happy that we appreciate it and that we thank them for what they are doing every day.”

Huskilson’s daughter Carmen died in 2016 at the age of five. Since the time she was born she had spent much of her life in an out of hospitals.

Huskilson said doctors and nurses and other health-care workers “can’t provide care without the support services that come along with it.”

“Our community is what makes up their support system,” she said.

 Barb Henderson Townsend, president of the Roseway Hospital Auxiliary, also spoke during Sunday’s event, telling the crowd that in recent months the auxiliary has purchased a portable X-ray unit and a digital ultrasound for the ER department, which is already being credited with saving lives.

“Spread the word the hospital auxiliary is still working hard in a positive spin,” she said.  

Shelburne Warden Penny Smith took the opportunity to say a “huge heartfelt thank you to health-care workers,” adding “with the issues within the health-care system I think showing our support is more important than ever before.”

A statement was read on behalf of Laurel Zwicker, who couldn’t be in attendance, that briefly chronicled the care her family has received from Dr. John Keeler. “For 34 years, Dr. Keeler has been our family doctor. I count my blessings every day for him.”

Paper hearts were also handed out on which people were asked to write a message of kindness or a thank you to health-care workers.  

A head count at the event suggested there were roughly 100 people present.

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