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Dry wells? Call the town: Shelburne conducting surveys to determine need for future water line expansion

SHELBURNE - The Town of Shelburne is carefully looking at data so they can plan where to extend water services where it’s most needed.

Shelburne chief administrative officer Dylan Heide says there has been an ongoing survey to help the town with future planning, looking at connecting neighbourhoods to the town water supply.

The previous council had undertaken a million dollar expansion only to find less than 25 per cent of the residents required town water sources and instead opted to continue using wells. The expansion won't be paid off until 2023.

“The town has learned from the experience and will target future line extensions on the basis of need for water supply or prior agreement to connect,” says Heide.

The data collection and mapping the town has completed over the past year has shown where the water table might be lower or where wells were running dry.

Hundreds of wells ran dry during the summer drought of 2016 but less than a quarter of the town’s residents are connected to town water.

This year, the town is collecting data to see which wells might run dry in a typical summer.

The survey showed that, of the 197 respondents, 56 per cent of people have run out of well water.

The concentration of dry wells are in an area with a low water table,  south of King Street, he says.

This data will help to direct the council on where to extend water lines in the future.

The last extension, built five years ago, was installed up Water Street from King Street and looped back to King along Minto Street.

“The likely reason few residents decided to connect was the availability of good groundwater supply (wells) in the area of the new line,” says Heide.

Anyone who is having troubles with a dry well is asked to contact the town at 902-875-2991

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