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Creating safer options for bikers


Shelburne extends bike lane project along Water Street

SHELBURNE - Cycling enthusiasts are excited about the Town of Shelburne's efforts to make the streets more bicycle-friendly.
Crews have been hard at work widening Water Street to provide enough space and width for a proper bike lane.
This is a continuation of an existing bike lane project, which, once completed, will run a total of 3.2 kilometres.
"It's about improving the shoulder and from that promoting active transportation," says Shelburne's chief administrative officer Dylan Heide.
He says the project is part of an overall effort to help encourage residents to choose biking instead of driving.
Emily Tipton and her children are avid bikers in the town.
“I commute daily on my bicycle from my home to my place of business, about three kilometres each way, along a route that includes Water Street, Fall’s Lane and the Ohio Road," said Tipton.  
"The improvements made by adding bike lanes and improving shoulders on Fall’s Lane and Ohio Road in the past few years have greatly increased the safety of my daily ride."
In August, the town tracked cyclists travelling on Water Street and discovered over a one-week period, there were 21 cyclists riding along that route per day.
To go with the bike-friendly infrastructure, the town has placed bike racks at seven locations.
Funding for the project came together through a combination of efforts including the provincial, federal and town road reserve.
Drivers will experience some delays over the next two weeks as pavers are hired to complete the project.
The town has also decided to take advantage of the paving company to pave two sections of road along the Parr Street Park to help make the park more accessible to visitors.

Did you know?
Shelburne residents can contact the Lahave Paving Ltd. in advance of the construction to check out pricing on their own paving needs.  

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