Martha Stewart takes on 'trolls' accusing her of plastic surgery

In the latest episode of her podcast, Martha Stewart takes aim at social media “trolls” who accuse her of having plastic surgery in response to her many sexy Instagram selfies.

Stewart, 82, has her own cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Dan brought in Belkin. Martha Stewart Podcast To help her dispel the theories of the haters.

“Looking at your Instagram, one of the trolls you get is, 'Tell us who your plastic surgeon is,'” Belkin said. “And I end up saying to a lot of people, no plastic surgeon. It's very thoughtful, minimally invasive things in the best way for a long time.

“I don't think much about age, but I don't want to look my age,” Stewart said.

Belkin revealed that Stewart has “tried” Botox on her upper face, which “didn't go well” and that neurotoxins — injectable solutions that relax facial muscles and smooth wrinkles — have a much better effect on the mogul's lower face.

“I have a good neck for my age,” Stewart admitted. “And a good jawline. My jawline is fine. Over the years, Belkin said, her client has used “biostimulatory fillers” in her cheeks and jawline, as well as laser treatments to combat sun damage. Stewart has also had skin-tightening procedures.

“We did a little ultrasound tightening, I think, a long time ago. We did a little SoftWave, which is an ultrasound-based tightening device,” Belkin explained.

“I call what you do artistry,” Stewart told Belkin. “I don't want to work with you if you can't look at me and see that one little thing is bent one side more than the other. I have a very strict artistic eye. I can see flaws and I want my doctor to see flaws.

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It's clear Stewart feels comfortable in her skin these days; She's not shy about sharing her “thirst traps” with her social media followers. Recently, he shared A photograph Posing in a lacy nightgown and saying, “I don't look bad when I wake up – not as bad as I do when I go to bed – that must be a $$$$$ outfit!!”

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