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Shore Road residents sure are tired of dumped garbage

Clean up Nov. 2 found TVs, futons, tires and more

DIGBY, NS – Shore Road residents are fed up their road keeps being treated as a junkyard, despite regular community led efforts to keep it clean.

Waste Check By-Law Enforcement Officer Ritchie Nickerson, road resident Corinne Reyno, other road residents and students from O2 classes across Digby County participated in the latest clean up, on November 2.

Shore Road runs from Lighthouse Road down tot he ferry terminal and is shrouded by tree cover. While it has a small, paved residential section, it's mostly gravel, and secluded.

“People think they can just dump their crap, but we patrol this and do regular clean ups – it has to stop,” said Reyno.


A problem that never goes away

The clean up revealed a combination of old debris and new, and shed even more light on a problem that just doesn’t seem to go away.

Students found two televisions, futon frames, 6 tires, and smaller garbage bags full of random debris and animal feces.

The last clean up was held just a few months ago, in June, and also yielded similar results – large furniture, small garbage bags, and lots of stuff in between.

In total, over 440 pounds of garbage was removed November 2.

“It’s quite a bit of waste that was removed, that’s for sure,” said Nickerson.

Reyno commended the students, who ranged in age from 14 to 17, for tackling the project head on. Students also helped out at the June clean up.

“We were a small but mighty group,” said Reyno.


Surveillance in a sheltered area

Reyno wants a camera installed to help her and other residents, who walk along the road, top to bottom, in an effort to patrol for trash tossers.

Nickerson agrees, confirming cameras have been installed in other similar dumpsites, to some success.

“It lets people know they’re being watched, and that they’re accountable. That can be a helpful thing,” he said.

Whatever the solution, Reyno hopes it’ll limit the trash piling up this winter.

She has friends who’ve travelled across from New Brunswick on the ferry who said they saw garbage on the hillside from the ferry itself.

“We don’t want it on our road, and we don’t want tourists seeing trash as soon as they arrive in Digby. It’s got to go,” she said.


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